The problems with digital education

With technology developing at a break neck speed we need to develop with it this is the case with education. As we make technological leaps and bounds we are seeing the introduction of new pieces of hardware introduced into classrooms.  Over the years we have seen this happen with examples such as the Digital Education Revolution put in place in 2007.

This scheme occurred during my schooling time and when I got to year nine it was my year groups time to be provided with a laptop I personally got to see some of the key issues with this scheme first hand. These issues being that students that where already tech savvy could implement games which then became distractions.

Another core issue that arises with technology used in the classroom is that students often become dependent on services such as spell check and typing rather than handwriting. The latter becoming an issue in later years of schooling when students are required to write quickly in exams. A survey conducted by the Advanced placement (AP) and the National Writing project (NWP) in 2013 found that the informal writing has crept into students writing and that students ability to write longer passages of text had been inhibited as well as their ability to write for different audiences.

With education advancing into the digital age this requires teachers to have the sufficient training on how to use the newly implemented technology. Here in lies another problem not only will some teachers not want to adapt to the new education framework, but some staff members will often end up having to teach others or even worse a tech savvy student will have to fix, use or setup computers for these same teachers.

Education in the digital age is a tricky subject to cover as on one hand it can revolutionise the way we see education on the other hand it can inhibit and hurt the way students are educated.


PIP_NWP Writing and Tech.pdf – A study conducted in 2013

My own personal experience within the digital changes to the education system.



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